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Dallas Motor Club is an results-driven automotive marketing company that specializes in the consignment and collection management of specialty automobiles.

What We Do

What We do

Dallas Motor Club specializes in marketing and selling your classic, exotic or low production automobile for top dollar.

Market Valuation

Our team will help  you determine the appropriate value of your car to maximize your investment while selling it in a timeframe your comfortable with.


Our client’s cars go through a thorough detailing prior to putting on the market.  From paint correction to ceramic coating, we can do it all to make your car really “shine”


With an indoor automotive photo studio and a team of passionate photographers and videographers, we are able to properly capture the right assets to market your car worldwide.


With multiple marketing channels including some of the biggest auction houses, auto brokers and clients in over 30 countries, we know how to sell cars at top dollar and quick.


Our inhouse shipping team can handle post sale shipping to your buyer, domestically and internationally so you don't have to worry about it.


Need us to store your car when it’s on the market or post sale? We can store your vehicle in the same facility as our own collection, and take care of it as if it's our own.

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We work with some of the largest collector car auctions and marketing channels to sell your car at top dollar.

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